Georgia Caroline Book Series

As part of the Mayor’s Reading Club Program, GCS commissioned a children’s book series to teach young readers about local government.

"Georgia Caroline Visits City Hall," the first book in a five book series, follows Georgia Caroline and her classmates on a field trip to City Hall in their hometown of Happyville, Georgia.

An inside look at Georgia Caroline Visits City Hall.

They are excited to meet Mayor Joneson and find out what a mayor does and what happens in City Hall. Led by City Manager Noe, Georgia Caroline and her classmates get a behind-the-scenes tour of City Hall and learn about city services and operations. They even get to drop in on a City Council meeting in progress where a vote is being taken on a parks project and they run into Mrs. Rezi Dent who is a friend of Georgia Caroline's grandmother.

In "Georgia Caroline Meets Our Hometown Heroes," Georgia Caroline and her friends take a field trip to the City of Happyville’s police and fire departments where they get a special behind-the-scenes tour and learn what it means to be a hometown hero.